March 9, 2011

Just an Ordinary Sunday

This photo set was taken 4-5months ago, kind of a long time, I know. I had planned to use it as my first lookbok look, coz I've made my profile since long time ago but never had the chance to post any pic. So on that Sunday afternoon, my friends helped me took these 2 first pics then the rest was self taken using tripod as I got home..Then these pics just stayed there inside my lappy without me ever touched it. I was too busy and when I got time, I was just too lazy. Yeah, laziness is my best frienemy. lol

It's just a casual ordinary outfit, nothing special here. You can say this is my daily look, or something like that, coz usually I only wear T-shirt and jeans everywhere, included going to college. Some people might dress up for their daily look, but for me I think that's useless, cause in the end I'll end up quarrelling with nirmana, expression, typography, and blah blah blah.. So I don't find it's necessary..


IMG00045-20101107-1341 copy2



Guess jeans, Balenciaga bag, Hermes belt, Charles & Keith shoes, Guess watch.


fhen said...

you look simply chic in that outfit!

unitatan said...

hey thanks, dear♥

Aya Smith said...

I know this is an older post, but I just have to say that you look gorgeous :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

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