April 21, 2011

Amis Pour La Vie

I dedicate this post for my beloved beautiful wonder ladies. We met at high school, yet we had passed so many magnificent memories, the unforgettable ones. I really am thankful for having them in my life. They might not be the best-est people in the world, but they're one of the best buddies I've ever had.


Let me introduce you to them, from left to right; Marilyn, Zipora, Mega, Me, Inneke, Rika, and Cynthia. There's supposed to be one more, but she took the pic, so she couldn't be in the pic, she's Entjek. Later I'll tell you which one. :)


These photos were actually taken on December 2010, last year, when one of our friend, Marilyn was in town, cause she's currently studying in Kangaroo's country. We're having dinner together and having such great time.


I am honestly amazed with the changes that they had done and have been doing. My girls are so beautiful now, they look prettier than when how we were in High school. Yeah, I know that people do change. The surroundings and situation are just some of the reasons. Beside, we're getting older too, we're not only getting old by age, but also by mind and the way we think, so it does affect our way of dressing. Also as starting-to-be grown up ladies, we're getting more aware to what we wear and how do we look and that make us become more lovely than before.




I really miss this moment. I really miss spending time with them, talking and talking and talking, it's like we're always having a lot of things to be talked about and won't run out of topics to be talked about. We talked, we laugh, we cheered the moments, we took bunch of narcissism photos, gossiping, and talked. The point is, we were enjoying our time. I did.


Here she is, the one I've told you before, Entjek, she is the one on the left side. She's kind of the craziest from the others. LOL.

Oh, and about the other girls, allow me to describe'em to you. Alphabetical order:

Cynthia aka Cao : she loves to talk, she always comes up with many stuffs to be talked about, she has funny way of talking too, sometimes she describes things hyperbolically, but that makes the story becomes more alive and truly interesting!

Entjek : the clown in the group. But don't underestimate her, cause she's going to be a pharmacist in the future. She's kind of the bitch here, not in the bad term, bitch I mean she's so hellic funny and always teases Cao by teasing her boyfriend, but of course she's just kidding. She always makes jokes and knows how to liven up the situation.

Inneke : the Doctor soon to be. She's currently studying med. She's also funny and always updated about the latest news around. She really addicted to pink colour, everything she has is mostly in pink, and don't forget the Hello Kitty stuffs.

Marilyn : the future best patisserie chef in the world. Studying in Sydney, loves to cook especially for cakes, but she never gave me any tester from her creation, that's cruel!! hahaha She's the good girl type, eventhough sometime she can be an evil too... =P

Mega : the next interior designer in the designing world, yet the slowest girl in the group. HAHA. We often mock her because sometimes she's kind of slow in absorbing infos or things. Also, she's just like the smallest girl cause she does act like one, that's why we call her as "memeh"

Rika : the future enterpreneur. She's the kind of easy going girl, also the fastest ones to get many latest informations. Really funny girl, I remember how she always having those stupid fights with Inneke. lol. She's also wild too sometimes, she ever bit or pinched people til it left purple-ish bruise..

Zipora : haa, she's the object of public bullying. lol. We often bullied her during high school, many things we've done, screwed up her hair, mock her, and so on. Me, myself, I loved to pluck her long haired hands. hahhaha. She's so bonny and I call her Zimok, which stand for "Zipo semok" ;P

I really miss highschool. I miss the crazy things we've done. I miss the every moment happened during the school time. No matter how boring the subjects were but college life is worse. I wish I could go back and turned the time back to school time, and let it stays there cause I never want to be a colleger. I wish I could be a forever High Schooler. :(

The "NG" moment when Cao vigorously told us about a story. Look at her and the other's expressions. so LMAO.

I laughed so hard and couldn't stop when I saw this pic on my lappy during the pic transfer. Even after a few months afterwards, I still smiled and laughed at this pic. Maybe it's nothing for you, but there's something inside this pic really punch my funny line.

I really miss you all girls.
Wish our friendship will always last, 'til death do us apart.
Friends for life.

Mucho love from me..

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michelle_ said...

looks like u had tons of fun there !

thanks for stopping by at my blog !

im having a shoe giveaway of your own choice at the moment :D
glisters and blisters

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