June 17, 2012

Emma Stone, Vogue July 2012

Whoa, looks like my favorite girls are becoming covers here and there. After Blake Lively on Marie Claire as on my previous post, now here's the amazing gurl Emma Stone in Vogue America July 2012.

The Spiderman's GF, both in film and in real life, wear Nina Ricci Fall 2012 collection. Shot by the famous Mario Testino, Emma looks really mature and stupendous!





Pretty alluring.. This funny girl has turned into a humble and mature lady. Rocking her blonde hair, instead of her inborn red hair, she still looks stunning even though it's messy-styled. I personally like her eyes, with a tinge of smokey, they're just beautiful.



The Spiderman Co-Star slash boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, says about her:
"Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river, and never holding on to the sides."



With her unique crooked laugh. It's just simply.... Emma.


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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

She's so stunning! Thank you for sharing! x

Karina Dinda R. said...

She is so stunning, lovely post ^^ Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

thanks for your sweet comment!
yeah, I will.
bytheway great post, she's sooo amazing I think, don't you?


Kristina said...

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Lei said...

Emma Stone is amazingly beautiful ;) Love her !! Great blog btw !

Rhea Bue | the secret life of a fashion & beauty blogger said...

OMG! She's too gorgeous! :)
I'm so happy they picked her to be their model <3

blondebenedicte said...

thank you :)

OMG nice shots! i love emma stone :)
bisous xxx

kerker said...

love Emma Stone! she looks so beautiful in the pics you posted!

diana said...

so nice pics dear¡¡¡ fab¡¡¡ xoxo

rae said...

ahh i need to run out and buy this magazine first then when i return to the states. she looks stunning and from what i have seen of her in interviews seems like a really funny and cool person on the inside. i love these photos and how she can really transform herself to have a cute boyish charm or a very womanly sexy charm.

xx rae

rae said...
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Fashion to Go said...

she is gorgeous! I've always found Emma to be very beautiful. Her eyes are so alluring

Gaby de Modacapital said...

ONG, she looks amazing!!! Love the cover!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Earlitha Olivia said...

nice photos! :)
love your blog, i'm your new follower, mind to follow back? thank you :)


Brenda evans said...

thanks for sharing , those are great pics. i've fanned ur lookbook btw, fan me back ? :)

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much the combinations here!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

She looks totally gorgeous!

Follow me and I'll follow you back soon (:

Psycho Cat said...

She looks really beautiful on that cover :)
Hope you had a great day

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