June 13, 2012


HELLOOOOO everyone!!!
I'm finally able to blog again, the school is finally over (for a while), and I can finally breathe again after the hectic days and series of having lack of sleep weeks. The assignments were going really crazy as it came nearer to the exam week, every subject had their assignments and they're crazy as hell time consuming. I could only slept for 2 til 4hours max. Pheww...
Enough whining about my school.. I'm sorry for the lack of post. I'll try to keep posting again from now on, regularly, so my blog won't be so abandoned it might have spider webs here and there if only this was in real life.

Here I'll just give some random photos.. Hoping next post I can already give you some good material to be read! *fingercrossed*

Probably some of you may have heard or already getting bored with bloggers posting review of this new place in town, it's called Calais, they call themselves as artisan of bubble tea & coffee. They have a unique concept of the place, playing with black and white decor and lending mustache & bowler hat for the guests to take a picture with. They also have different varieties of boba offered, their specialty is PINK (yes, you read it right, it's pink bubble!) and popping bubble. The popping bubble is the extraordinary one, this bubble will pop inside your mouth and giving you the taste of fruits, as for me I chose mango flavored pop. Nice! :) OH~ and they're also giving you handwritten quotes in every cup.


I'm finally getting the taste of LADURÉE! Yeay for me. I got this one from one of my friend when she's having holiday in Europe. They're heavenly good. For real. YUMMM....


Please let me introduce you to one of my lovelies. I have five in total and they're adorably cute, but I will only give you this one lovely girl pic. Her name is Karen. She was just done taking a bath and swimming at that time. I think she's tired and directly fell asleep when I dried her body. 



ylenia said...

Hey nice blog, I'm a new follower! maybe follow me back?
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Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Simona said...

Cool photos darling! Love your comfy shirt!:)

Karina Novia said...

such a lovely pet! haha <3 you posed really well, like model do :p
followed you! I'm from Surabaya too..feel free to visit my blog you're very welcome :D

Sindy said...

beautiful pictures! and great blog :D

clara thomas said...

love your pet, it looks so cuttee ! <3

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